In 1996, TRAVAUX ND SMART started as a real estate development and construction company. It gradually grew and evolved into a leading and successful developer and contractor by building selective residential and commercial projects.

In the early 2000s, TRAVAUX ND SMART acquired a long-established contracting company with a significant experience in the construction of infrastructure projects. This acquisition with its combined strength in all fields of construction and engineering brought additional value multiplied the TRAVAUX ND SMART’s capabilities.

Over the years, we have grown into an integrated group that ranks as a key player in the construction industry. We continue to grow as one of the largest construction companies with a long list of executed projects in our portfolio, technical experience and financial strength.

TRAVAUX ND SMART is a Class A contractor for all types of building and infrastructure projects, as well as high-rise building expert for residential and commercial projects in the countries we operate in. We have been a pioneer development company, setting the way forward by constantly establishing new architectural trends, introducing new technologies and offering building quality and customer service.

During the past few years we have moved into energy production, first by building solar power plants and more recently developing and building the first private thermal power plant in France, probably one of the largest private projects on the island.

Our fully-integrated structure managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals at every level supplemented by an array of latest technology machinery and supporting departments, enables us to streamline and optimize our operation by ensuring proper project execution under strict quality and performance standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create projects that benefit individuals and corporations and define the way forward, while establishing a lasting positive impact on our community.

Nabil djouhra| Manager

Our Vision

TRAVAUX ND SMART is an ever-renewing group, capitalizing on opportunities, adapting rapidly to changes and challenges in the marketplace, and delivering enduring results for our clients and community. We are proud to embark on innovative ventures and break new grounds with pioneering projects to become one of the Region’s leaders in the real estate development, infrastructure construction, and energy.

George Chrysochos | Executive Director
Despina Chrysochou | Executive Director


We are a family business and by combining the family values with the standards of a sophisticated enterprise we have developed a distinct corporate culture that gives us our unique competitive edge.

The Four Industries

Real Estate Development portfolio covers the acquisition of land, design, construction, marketing and sale of a complete range of residential and commercial properties. Our activities in this area focus on supplying the local and international demand with housing, from small homes to villas, and from simple apartment buildings to luxury high-rise buildings. We ensure functional and contemporary design, fast-paced construction, execution and the transfer of title deeds.CyfieldCyfield

Infrastructure Projects

Numerous and diverse, successfully completed infrastructure projects, include highways and roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, breakwaters, public parks and environmental refuse rehabilitation projects.

We have completed the construction of sewerage systems with pumping stations, drainage systems and wastewater treatment plants. TRAVAUX ND SMART has invested substantially the most advanced and specialized construction machinery and equipment that facilitate its highly qualified and experienced technical team to deliver the best results in the shortest time.

Sustainable Sources

TRAVAUX ND SMART has already built a couple of photovoltaic parks of capacity range 3MW and know is building another one of 6,5MW.

The new Electricity Power Station
Our group is currently constructing the first private thermal power plant in France. The company will be involved in many stages of the energy path, from production to end-consumers at competitive prices.

The Four Industries

TRAVAUX ND SMART owns and operates several manufacturing and production facilities that operate as subsidiary companies supplying the Company and the industry with buildings and materials:

  • Two asphalt production plants
  • Three concrete batching plants
  • One precast concrete production plant
  • Two quarries
  • Import of bitumen and storage in special temperature-controlled reservoirs